Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fruity Sex

Following on from yesterday's post about the Valentine's paste ups, I came across this:
This morning.

Now, let me ask you. Would you You Tube search Fruity Sex? That is kinda what got me, no way would I You Tube Fruity Sex - nor would I Google it.

I would however, Facebook it.

Which gives you a really nice, safe way to check out the relevant YT clip, as it is in a "safe" environment.
For your interest, here is the video:

In a nice safe environment.

Now, I would LOVE to think that this is actually a campaign for Bonita, but something tells me it is actually an AdSchool kinda deal... yeah? Don't think Bonita would use the word Fuck in a campaign. Or would they?

What do you gets think? I love it. Think it is brilliant. Also love the fact that someone on the Facebook page has pointed out that when you like their page it states likes Fruity Sex.


Anyone know who is behind this? I'll buy them a beer. Or a banana smoothie.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wish this was a real campaign

So, in previous years I have not been a big fan of Valentine's Day. This year it was pretty awesome, but I do realise it is still pretty average for a lot of people.

Walking down Queen St today I saw these taped to various walls:
Certainly got my attention. I was really, super hoping that it might be an advertising campaign of some description, although don't ask me who I thought it might be for.

Checking it out on Facebook it really seems like nothing much. Plus, whoever it is has 'liked' the Edge Morning Crew. Epic fail before they started.

Can someone please execute a campaign, similar to this, for a real client please? Cos that would be really ace. You might need to put some money behind it (more than posters) but it'd be worth it...

Mini - you guys love throwing your money away... what do you think?