Thursday, July 7, 2011

Creative Commons - explained

FABULOUS piece of work from Mohawk Media for Creative Commons explaining how to use their licencing.
Creative Commons Kiwi from CreativeCommons AotearoaNZ on Vimeo.

I think Creative Commons is awesome and wish NZer's knew and understood what the licencing can mean for them, better.

I guess for many people they don't understand how it really effects them. The way I see CC working for those in the advertising world is that it actually gives advertisers a leg to stand on with sites like You Tube should someone decide to 'remix' an ad. You Tube recognises CC licences and will pull down offending videos which break these licences. (Not sure if any of you have ever tried to get YT to pull down a video before, but it can be a HARD uphill battle and can take weeks). Also, it makes it really clear to users what you are happy for them to do (or not do) with your content. Maybe you want people to remix it?

Anyway - Creative Commons is great and that video makes it really clear how it all works. Check it out and perhaps consider using the licences?

While I'm attributing things, I saw this first on Lance Wiggs blog.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be Sociable if You're Being Social

I got an email on Friday from Deadly Ponies:
Obviously I am a fan of Deadly Ponies as I have signed up for to receive emails from them. I love a good email that tells me I can win product, so I thought, tell me more...

Click on through to their Facebook Page.

Here is where I have an issue.

What they are asking for, in order to possibly win up to $1,000 worth of product is:

Simply post a comment below this picture and then get people to like your post . The person with the most likes wins! Winner receives a voucher to spend on the DP online store to the dollar value of the likes they receive. e.g. Receive 820 likes = receive a $820.00 voucher
Cut-off is 12 noon, 1 August 2011, so get liking.
Voucher Limit $1000.00

Here is where we find my first issue "post a comment below this picture".

As per most well behaved Facebook 'likers', their fans have taken to this well and started commenting. As of writing this post, the top number of 'likes' any one comment has had is 98. Not sure how many of you have purchased Deadly Ponies product before, but $98 doesn't buy much. 
Now, as someone who works with Facebook and products on Facebook a lot, I saw some flaws in the way that they are running this 'competition'. Not one to leave something like this be and honestly wanting to help, I wrote a status update for Deadly Ponies:

It reads:
Hi Deadly Ponies.
While I understand what you're trying to do with your promotion to win $1,000 worth of your fabulous bags, I feel as though your method is flawed. Unfortunately by asking people to comment on your status, you actually won't attract any new facebook likes 'organically' which you could have by having people post their love of your product in their own status. If I comment on your status, only the 2 friends of mine who also 'like' you, will see it. By doing it this way, in my own status, I share this with my 350+ friends, who might also think - gosh, I love Deadly Ponies also.
Just something to think about.

I thought it was pretty nice overall. Nothing too mean. Simply a suggestion.

My own friends have responded quite well to my comment. Deadly Ponies it would seem, have not.

I understand Facebook and when I @ reply a company page as I did in this instance, it posts to their wall. I'm not sure how they have set the page up, my post however, seems noticeably absent. It makes me wonder if they deleted it themselves?

I am all for companies embracing social media and using it to build their following, but the point of social media, is to be sociable. So let your audience be sociable with you!

My second issue, is that the competition itself is actually against Facebook's T&C's. You're not actually allowed to run a competition straight from a status update. You have to do this through a third party app. What concerns me for Deadly Ponies is that they have built quite a nice fan base (I'm assuming) without doing any Facebook advertising. With the introduction of this campaign their 'organic' growth in fans could easily tip FB off that they are running this competition and FB are totally within their rights to shut the page down completely.

I really like Deadly Ponies and love their bags especially, but sometimes you need to ask questions, read conditions and listen to others.