Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Something my mother drilled into me at quite a young age was KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. As with all good motherly advice, she has been right about this, time and again, in a manner of different situations I have found myself in. What I really like it that others obviously follow the same mantra.

This is the best email I have received so far this year. Granted it is only the 6th but others have included pre-sales for Gin Wigmore - it would seem as though Ticket Master really has NO idea about my musical preferences. Anyway...

This email came through from Stable. No subject. Nothing too much to read, just:
You can pretty much guarantee I will go.

Actually, Stable are also very high in my opinion due to one of the lovely ladies there, Sophie, is just one of the nicest and most helpful sales assistants that I have dealt with in a long time. Maybe she is the manager? Anyway, I bought a pair of sunnies (which my flatmate promptly fell in love with and bought herself a pair also) which unfortunately cracked about a month after I bought them. I took them back and as they didn't want to glue the crack in the fear it would ruin them, they gave me a store credit. After quite some time (been very busy) I went in and purchased a garment (yes, spent more money, but Cybele is always worth it) where not only did Sophie recognise me but she even gave me the glasses back if I wanted to try to fix them myself. So lovely.

What's my point? I guess it is refreshing to see someone who actually tries to sell the inventory they have. She put me in some jeans and another top, and while I didn't purchase, I did appreciate the attention and effort. Having bitched previously about the lost art of selling, it's not that it is lost, it's just still working in retail.

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