Friday, June 10, 2011

Pedigree Doggelganger

I'm not entirely sure why I had to first see this on AdFreak, but how amazing is the site for the Pedigree Adoption Drive called Doggelganger?
Created by Colenso BBDO apparently, I have not seen or heard anything about this site/the adoption drive, anything.
Now, I realise that it is totally possible to miss entire campaigns if you are not within the target market, but this really is something that lights my fire. I ADORE dogs. I get very squee and loud when there is a puppy around. I would love nothing more than to adopt a dog, but unfortunetly my current living situation doesn't really mean it is possible. But, if I was in a position to do so - I could adpot my doggelganger!
First you upload a front on photo of yourself:
And then it matches your features to give you your doggelganer:
Mine is a Male Husky called Tiki. Isn't he beautiful? AND he's at Auckland SPCA! So close, just not possible (if I used emoticons, this is where I would put a sad face).
Check out the site, check out your doggelganger and if you have the means, why not adopt one of these gorgeous creatures.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the campaign only started 2 days after you posted this comment, with a great TV ad... You can view it on Even if you can't adopt, anyone should be able to make a small donation...

iChild said...

Thanks for your comment anon.

The campaign commenced 2 days AFTER I posted this? Huh? That seems like a terribly strategy.

Either way, I still have not seen the TV ad on TV, but you're right, it is lovely.

Interestingly, the TV ad is not calling for people to make a donation, it is asking people to buy PEDIGREE as they will make the donation. Seem to be doing well too. When I took my screen shot on the 10th of June they were at $45k and 4 days later the tally is at $110k. Impressive.

Unfortunately I don't have a dog, so can't buy Pedigree so that they can make a donation.