Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yay Maori TV

Clever advertising is the best kind of advertising. 

I find TV Network advertising a little lackluster usually. FOUR's 'The Home of Not Rugby' isn't bad, but generally TVNZ and Mediaworks is very traditional and BORING.

Draft FCB have done some pretty awesome things for various shows on Prime. The bag of Weed on a billboard for WEEDS; The branded brown bottle bags for Boardwalk Empire; the 'stake' street posters (if that is what you can call them) for True Blood; and of course the falling man on the building for Mad Men. However, I haven't seen anything recently and to be honest, considering how badly most of those shows rate, perhaps the 'clever' (read: Award Entry) route should be dropped till the advertising starts working??

At any rate, today I saw some BRILLIANT work for Maori TV. There I am in Countdown Richmond Road and I walk past this:
FARKING awesome. Maori TV have been pulling some nice numbers ratings-wise since the commencement of RWC. I hope they managed to promo the living daylights out of BOY at the same time and that it did well last night for them.

So cute, so clever. I hope these were up in all Countdown's around NZ. All supermarkets even. Perfect.

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Izak Flash Man said...

Ha! That is pretty good actually. Not in your face or showboating at all. I didn't see any of this around, but hopefully they took advantage of the cheap production rate to make these things and spread them out everywhere.