Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Facebook - too far?

So the world is obsessed with Social Networking websites, this I understand. What a great way to keep in contact with people blah blah blah. I can say that as I am a Facebook snob and will not accept just anyone who friend-requests me (always amazes me how you ignore a request and then they request again - get the hint people!)

At any rate, I do worry that people are replacing their lives with this site. Today Stuff had this article about lawyers in Canberra serving
legal papers on defendants Facebook pages. Say what? How is this not a breach of some privacy law? Hmm, what could possibly be more humiliating that being served papers... I know, being served them on my Facebook page where everyone that I know can see them. What?

In addition to this, I was invited to a wedding via Facebook event invitation recently. This one seemed really odd to me, and has given me a very
blasé attitude to the wedding in general. I kinda take my RSVP to the wedding as seriously as I would take my RSVP to party. I said yes, but will still decide on the night. I know that is bad, but if I had received a real invitation my attitude would be much different. Not that this is the invite, but its not far off:

I understand that we are all relying on the net and social marketing to make up for our own laziness but I do feel like some things should be left to the real world.

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Liss said...

Ahahah I'm a use-more-than-should FB user, but, that's next level, bet it'll be a classy affair