Wednesday, January 21, 2009

People can't remember web ad's...

Bless. Have just been sent a link to this article by John Burbank, CEO of Nielsen Online by a colleague, who had been sent it by a client. Awesome.

I have nothing really against what John is
saying in this piece, my issue is, online isn't the only medium where this is a problem. The general public also have trouble recalling their favourite radio/adshel/busback ad. The only medium where this isn't a problem, is typically television.

In fact, in testing a campaign where the ONLY medium used was busbacks, when asked where they saw the campaign almost all questioned answered 'on television'. They knew the campaign, and what it was promoting, but instinctively answered TV because it is the medium that has the most resonance with most people. It doesn't mean that the advertising is not working - and the brilliance of online is that you can see immedi
ate results if the offering and placement of the ad is correct.

In addition to the value online proves with CPC's and CPA's I believe that the brand awareness from online is also worth recognition. For a couple of clients (retail and government) the increase in both search and direct traffic is impressive, mu
ch of which I attribute directly to advertising online. Its amazing how much we pick up without really looking.

So that was a little off topic, but I think what advertisers (in particular agencies who are trying to see this medium to their clients) need to do is focus on the advertising working - whether it is tv, radio
or online - and lose the egos about memorability. Did it work (drive traffic, generate enquiries)? Yes? Freaking awesome. Did they remember the ad 3 months after it was was live? No? Sweet, put it online again and milk it for all its worth.

For the record, this is my favourite online ad for quite some time. It was beautifully timed to coincide with the NZ elections and when you tried to get your mouse on one of the men, they moved out of the way. Easy, fun to play with and timely.

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