Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still waiting for Stuff

We were told ages ago that Stuff was getting a makeover. That was exciting.

Then nothing happened.

Then more nothing happened.

Then I asked early next week when the new site was going to come. I was told it was going to be a matter of days.

Then nothing happened.

Then it was Valentines day and they put hearts in the masthead. That was pretty.

But we still have no new site.

I was getting a little excited when I saw that their top level menu kept dropping out:

That's been happening for a while now, I thought they were ignoring it because the new site was going to be up momentarily. Or not.

Awesome also that us agencies have gotten a heads up on what's happening and what the advertising possibilities are going to be. Choice. Makes planning very easy.

On Fairfax... are they selling Trade Me or not? Gossip gossip, rumours rumours.


B Cool said...

the new stuffs gonna be amazing. i hear its people like you that are holding it up

iChild said...

I'm sure it is going to be amazing, I'm just sick of waiting. Not so good with the waiting.
I want it now.