Friday, February 20, 2009

Section 92(A) - my take, now.

Quite impressed with how the online community has embraced the internet blackout against guilt upon accusation laws, everywhere avatars have been blacked out. I didn't quite manage blackout bingo on Twitter, but I follow a few too many overseas twitters.

So, everyone is up in arms about Section 92(A) which means that the
general public can be found guilty simply on accusation of copyright infringement. This is something I am not so cool on. Now, I must admit, I have not read section 92a, but I have read a lot of opinions and listened to a lot about it.

Most people seem to be getting their information from the creativ
e freedom website, and of course Russel Brown. As much as I support copyrights, and not ripping off New Zealand musicians, however the guilt upon accusation part, I'm not so keen on. At what point did we suddenly lose the right for a fair trial?

Creative Freedom have been very busy in their fight against this bill and getting the buy in from all and sundry around the NZ online community:

Which culminated in some serious blackout action today:

Same site, but this is what it looked like until midday today, and this was by no means the only site which looked like this today.

I have recently changed my mind about this law. Don't get me wrong, guilt upon accusation is not cool, and by no means do I support it, however I do support artists being able to protect their work. This was brought even more to light when listening to lawline on bFM last Thursday. It is most definitely worth a listen, Russell Brown vs. Chris Hocquard
two grown men arguing over the top of each other, just brilliant. At any rate, Hocquard totally swayed me, I think he is right, there is nothing wrong with the bill, it is the code of conduct that needs looking at.

At any rate, it has been pushed back again, there won't be a call on it right now. Obviously the online community has found its voice in NZ and is being listened to. Thank goodness. Now, how can we use these powers for good?

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