Wednesday, March 3, 2010

nice buying

So... you're buying a billboard for a show called Packed to the Rafters. I have a visual here.

Now, if you had the option of 3 billboards... which one would you chose?
Personally, the bottom wouldn't have been my first pick. I'd have gone closer to the top. You know, nearer the rafters...

Things I don't know which may change my opinion on this:
Planner/Buyer didn't know what the creative was going to be
Its filler?
There was something booked across the top 2 that had to be pulled last minute.

Either way - even if I was the installer I would have pointed this out. This isn't just me right?

Location FYI - bottom of Taranaki Street, Wellington.

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Anonymous said...

I'd also comment that graffiti is doing the site no favours either.