Friday, March 26, 2010

This is not news


Trade Me falling down is not news. It is a bit of a glitch (which let's be fair, you're not exactly immune to yourself) which they jumped onto and fixed. NOT NEWS.
I find it a bit of a joke that this came through my reader today. Not news. It's not even interesting.

If the site had crashed because someone hacked it, then yes - totally news. A site going down? Not so much.

What's more, freaking Fairfax owns Trade Me. Where's the solidarity kids? Not all happy families around the Fairfax kitchen table? I mean, I'd kinda understand if Herald went down, competitor and all, but one of your own?

Tell you what - when Stuff starts pulling the kind of traffic that Trade Me does and it is all smooth sailing, then pick holes all you want, till then, work out what's news and what's not.

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