Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Atrium Billboard

It's so big!

Back in May I wrote about the massive Mini billboard which someone at FCB told me that they had sorted out the site with Atrium.

So at the start of the month the Mini billboard came down and up went an Atrium billboard. (Yes, I'm running a little behind... been busy since I moved up.)
So, I am super glad that the site is being used, and that Atrium are making the most of it, but I think someone should have taught them one of the golden rules of outdoor advertising.

1 simple clear message. Just the one.

While I understand that it is a massive skin, the amount of time someone has to take in the message is very short. I imagine that the cost of the skin was lovingly distributed between all of the store represented here, but I couldn't tell you what any of them are.

So, I'm not huge on the creative, but I love the site. It's so big and impressive.


Kat said...

I drove past this the other day and understood it in the time I was waiting at the lights just across the road. I thought it was pretty cool, if unoriginal as an advertising idea.

iChild said...

Thanks for your comment kat.
I guess my issue is that its not clear what is behind the wall, just that there is a lot.
Maybe that was the point. Lots of STUFF. Not the selling point I'd go for, but each to their own.