Monday, May 24, 2010

Super site size me

So, was walking home tonight when, holy guacamole - check out this supersite!
This is walking down Elliot Street away from Victoria Street. This thing is massive. I haven't seen a skin up there before, nor have I noticed the billboard boarder, but crickey, I noticed the Mini.

I really like billboards, they are one of my favourite mediums because for them to be well executed the creative team have to communicate a message in the simplest way possible. Now, that might sound easy, but it really isn't. All other mediums have time on their side, for example

TV: 30 seconds (typically)
Radio: 30 seconds (typically)
Online: as long as the page duration lasts
Print: as long as the dwell time lasts
even Adshels, whilst similar to billboards because people drive past them, because they also have the pedestrian dwell time they can include additional information which is not intended for a fast moving audience.

Billboards however, because people are typically driving past them, need to convey the message in an instant (mostly because you don't want someone to be so distracted with trying to understand what the billboard is for that they crash). Compelling imagery coupled with a well thought out and clever (because you want people to remember it) headline. No room for excess copy to explain.

At any rate, the Mini billboard is cool for a couple of reasons.

2. That great big 1 is all sparkly like
What I don't quite get about this billboard is when it was put up. It must have gone up this weekend (22nd/23rd) as it was not there when I walked home on Friday. This doesn't make much sense to me as posting for billboards is typically the 1st of the month and they are up for that month. 3 weeks into the month it is put up? This is confirmed by the print date at the bottom of the skin:
Must have had to be turned around super quick and taken as an opportunity? Perhaps somehow convinced Atrium to let them put this up on the side of their building. It wasn't put up super tidy with the job name in pretty clear view, which would suggest to me that this isn't a typical placement for the installers to work with, but I may be wrong.
Anyone who can shed some more light as to the interesting placement and odd timing - I'd appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Love it!
I blog on if you wanna check some of those out too!

Amber said...

No insight, but I saw it this morning & loved it. Glitter is stuck in my mind.