Monday, October 4, 2010

How many expandable banners do we need?

Seriously? How many.

Story today on Stuff:
Not only do we have this charming expandable for Vodafone:
But the freaking Vaio ad explodes over the entire screen as well, covering the top of the Voda ad.
2 expandables, one covering another. I would not be a happy camper if either of these were my clients. Personally.

Expandable banners annoy people at the best of times - two on one story? That's just overboard.

I knew there was a reason I RSS everything and don't bother going to the actual sites anymore.


Anonymous said...

and on a story about malware in ads infecting computers

Nigel said...

On behalf of This is an unusual instance of two user initiated expandables on the same page. Normally we would have anti-collision rules in place to avoid this situation. Our processes have of course been adjusted. Thanks for your feedback.

Nigel Tutt

iChild said...

Hi Nigel,
Thanks for commenting, great to see you guys are listening and adjusting as required.
Cheers, Monica