Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What if, for a change, we cared about something

I have been a little quiet on the blog for a while as nothing has really grabbed my attention or elicited enough excitement for me to care.

Things change though and it is not necessarily that I care about something this time, it is an admiration for people who care enough about something to do something about it.

What on earth am I talking about?

A friend of mine,
Adrian and his friend Mat are taking on the CureKids $10 challenge. It’s a pretty epic challenge, requiring the team to raise $7,125 before the event even begins and then they have to make it from Queenstown to Auckland on $10 THIS WEEKEND.

Now, I am all for helping out a worthy cause and getting my hands dirty every once in a while, but this is quite above and beyond the call of duty if you ask me and I am well impressed with everyone taking part in this event.

Why is this relevant? Well, being a developer and into the whole Twitter thing, Adrian has built a site which allows us all to track their progress and I have no doubt that there will be many a Twitter update over the weekend from @AdrianwithaW. It's always nice to see Twitter used in a good way - to communicate the good things that happen in this world rather than using it to bitch about things i.e. Paul Henry.

So other than going to some of their fundraising nights, this is how I am hoping to help – to spread the word a little more, congratulate the guys and encourage you lovely people out there in the interwebs to donate, because if you think about it, that’s the easy part – these guys are doing the hard yards.

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