Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And then there was Prime

The final season launch today was Prime. Celebrating 5 years since it was bought by Sky, it has done well over the last few years. I find Prime a very brave channel when it comes to their programming and each year they have backed shows which have been renewed for more seasons creating a nice little stable.

Now, these shows are by no means the general population, mind-numbing crap that you get on the other channels. Instead, I always think of Prime as programming for the thinking viewer.

Shite, that's a big call. I guess one of the reasons I think this is because when I talk about TV shows with my father, more often than not the shows are on Prime so I suppose I associate it with that level of intelligence. Granted, my father also likes Skins, but hey, he's allowed to have good taste in shows as well as being a thinker.

At any rate, they will have True Blood back again next year for Season Four. That's enough to keep me happy, but also Doctor Who, QI, Top Gear, Weeds and everyone's favourite Antique's Roadshow.

The shows that are missing for me are Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which in theory has been commissioned for a fourth and final season and Mad Men whose fifth season will commence in 2011 in the States. I do, so so much love both of these shows and do hope that they will return o Prime as well.

Onto the new shows...

Obviously the relationship with HBO is paying off (FOTC, True Blood) as surely the flagship show for 2011 is Boardwalk Empire. First episode directed by Scorsese and starring Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt, I am loving this show, all about the time of Prohibition:

Three Hungry Boys looks interesting
Junior Masterchef Australia looks ADORABLE
I have high hopes for Running Wilde simply because it is from the creators of Arrested Development, and we all know how amazing that show is:

And then they have some lovely looking mini-series including The Kennedy's and David Attenborough's Life series.

I do enjoy Prime new season launches because they don't ever try to be a channel they're not. They know that they bulk out the schedule with re-runs of crazy old shows, but that is what allows them to take a punt of some of the riskier programmes. Good on them I say. Nice looking 2011.

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