Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Really though, what are you thinking??

Back in June they had to get rid of their awful
txt-like abbreviations for their network promos on air. For a quick refresher, look at this.

So, they took that down and went on their merry little way.
Well, blow me down with some more gross creative executions. Granted, the whole
TVNZ commission thing and them deciding to change agencies revenue models has gotten my back up, and think what they're doing is pretty rats, however, there is no excuse for non-cohesive creative.

Was playing on
MSN today and looky what I find. An expandable banner:What on earth is that mess? What's with the paint blotches? I have never seen these before. Is this mess something that we get to look forward to?

Hmm. TVNZ you're in my bad books. This is making it worse.

On another note, @craigadolph pointed this out this morning:
Yes you're going to have to click on it to see it properly, but basically, this is the T&C's for a Farmers promotion, and on it, someone has put in questions (whether it was agency/client/tvnz whoever) about how the T&C's work. For example (in case you can't be bothered clicking on the image):

...will be drawn by the Promoter (do you intend providing the entries to Farmers so we can draw the prize? Or should the txt company draw the prize?)from all valid entries (does that mean correct entries?) received by the Promoter during the Term.
verification of the prize winner's age (why do we care about their age?)

I can answer the second question - you care because you have previously stipulated that you must be over the age of 12 years.

Who on earth pressed go on this going live? I know no one reads the T&C's but come on - obviously someone has in order to point this out.

Work it out.

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