Sunday, October 18, 2009

re. previous post

So, following on from the last post, I was initially pretty embarrassed that I bought into it, and considered taking it down; But I have said before, I won't remove a post or comment, and I won't.

As the weekend has worn on I've realised that actually, I'm not that embarrassed. Contrary to popular belief (maybe not popular, but it seems to have been said) I actually am a nice person and when I saw those two beautiful dogs, I just wanted to help.

Apparently they have found a home (back in January) which is great, but it is a pity that the email is still circulating. Nothing like playing on people's emotions huh?

Once again, not looking before I leap. Typical. That's it. No more forwards for me.

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It ain't so (most of the time) said...

Don't worry - you are not alone - I am currently looking for the originals of an email that I received BEFORE I post :(

But there are many that don't - you are not alone - at least you have the courage to admit you are wrong, many don't