Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back on keywords

So, last week I was talking about negative keywords but the unfortunate fact is, sometimes you just CAN'T control these things.

Case and point number one. This was in sideswipe in the Herald. The content talking about the ANZ World Visa campaign and placing adshels insinuating that the placements were less than the a perfect world. No way avoid this unfortunately. No way around it. Simply bad luck. (I do agree with the complaint however, kinda poor form on ANZ's behalf.)
Similarly this ad came through from @maxgen as unfortunate advertising placement. Now, I am going to have to make a couple of assumptions on this one.
Assumption 1: This eDM is sold as a 'sponsored' newsletter and the advertiser simply provides the creative.
Assumption 2: The 'most popular stories' is automatically generated as per the most popular stories - not something that is actually loaded by a human being (who would hopefully notice the issue here and alert someone).

Taking those assumptions into consideration, I am guessing this couldn't be avoided. Automatically generated content... stink buzz.

In other news, please tell me qantas, WHY are you not geographically targeting your ads? I live in Auckland - so why are you showing me sale fares for Wellington? What a complete waste of ad spend. (FYI - yes, this was a flash ad and it rolled through more that once, but both promo fares were for Wellington).

You can geo target on NZ Herald right?? I'm sure you can.

Stink about Eric Watson too. That's not so cool.

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Mike Shadow said...

I dont think you can geo within NZ, at least I got told that when looking into it for a campaign based around a W(h)anganui based client. For example my home ISP is in Chch so I show up as being from there despite being out in West Ak. Makes localising online stuff a bit harder.