Monday, April 19, 2010

Behind the Vines

This is freaking AWESOME.

Rhythm & Vines are doing an incredibly awesome and interesting promotion to give away tickets for R&V2010 this year. I gotta say, its one of the most impressive marketing campaigns that I have seen in a little while and massive props to whomever is behind it. Totes impressed.

So, what the hell am I going on about.

You can read about it in full here, but basically following the success of the brilliant Parisian Love ad for Google:

Google and You Tube have created Google Search Stories where you can input what you want searched, overlay music and upload your own search story to You Tube.

Fun fun fun.

So R&V have put it to their public to create their own search story to win 2 x 3 day passes for Rhythm & Vines 2010. No bands have been announced yet, but you can guarantee that its gonna be a good one.

At any rate, here is my one:

There was something very satisfying about watching this screen load:

Anyway - what are you waiting for? Go. Make your own. SO MUCH FUN. (Yes, I know I am a geek - what about it?)


Adrian.W. said...

Must agree, it's a great idea by Google, and it's a great idea for R&V to get behind it.

So here's my entry :-)

Danny said...
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iChild said...


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