Sunday, April 18, 2010

Play with NZ Herald and Nokia

So this is something new, a little different and a nice little toy to play with. I think it was launched some time last week within the entertainment section of NZH.

Rollover images and they expand with additional information. Visually, I quite like it. It wouldn't work for national, world or business news, but for entertainment it works really well.
Of course, it wasn't until I clicked on one of the stories (yes, one of my favourite topics) that I started to realise that this might not have been an NZH initiative and looks like it has been driven by Nokia.

Lets be fair, the thing that gave it away was the MASSIVE banner at the bottom of the page:
All up, it is an amazingly branded page:

At any rate, I think it is pretty choice and a nice exercise for Nokia no doubt.

What I think I like about it the most, is that hopefully they are using this as an online branding exercise and are not using Cost Per metrics for this campaign.

When you click through to the website you can get product information and check out where to buy, but there isn't an opportunity to purchase online, which in turn means no cost per acquisition.

I'm going to guess that there would have been some significant investment in this so I really like the idea that measurement cannot be drilled down the way so many online campaigns are; instead banking on online giving the same kind of brand exposure that print, television or other 'traditional' mediums can deliver.

Yay Nokia. Yay NZH. Go you guys.

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