Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trying too hard Streets

Have you seen this ad:

Or maybe the 30 second version of it, or one of the billboards?

Now, do you have any idea who any of the people in this ad are?

If you answered no, then I'm going to pick that you are not alone. From my understanding these people are all 'bloggers' of some description or another. Isaac from Isaac Likes is one of the many in there, but if you're not the type that follows bloggers, then you're not going to know who those people are. So what relevance do they have? And what was the point of naming them?

What REALLY gets me about this, is that they're being so cool and hip and online; well, this is meant to be the 'endless summer' campaign, so if I go and try to find out more info about who the feck these people are and Google 'Streets Endless Summer' I get nothing.
Way to go Streets. I think what you have proved through this campaign is that:
1. You are trying WAY too hard
2. You're too easily led by someone who said that bloggers were cool and so you assumed everyone thinks so
3. You actually have NO idea how to do online when you completely failed to have a findable online presence. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but you made it way too hard. Don't make me work so hard to find you!

Not good. I think (other than working on your SEO) that the one thing that could have made this just SO much better, if you hadn't named the people. It would have made the campaign so much better in my opinion. The cool kids that know who these people are would have recognised them and would have had a sly smile while they thought "cool, Streets are hip" and the rest of the world would have just appreciated the fact that they showed real people rather than parading stick thin models who have never eaten ice cream on our TV screens.

Nice try, bad aim.

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