Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taking on Fonterra

Greenpeace are doing some interesting work taking on Fonterra at the moment. Well, actually this is a few weeks old now, but still interesting nonetheless.

First photo is at my local Countdown in the juice asile. Obviously executed guerilla styles as I don't think Countdown would really allow such a thing.
Second photo is just a paste up along K rd.
Now, I'm all for street posters and guerilla tactics, love it, but what is with the non-consistent URLs which they are driving people to?

The first drives to this site, greenpeace.co.nz/milk:
and the second fonterra-secrets.com:
Now, they seem to be pushing the same message, so why aren't they going to the same URL? Surely it makes more sense building just one site? Costs less, one hub, one united front. Wouldn't look like the people who are doing this are working in silos and have no idea what other people in the same organisation are doing? (Which it kinda does now)

By the way, the ad is horrific:

Makes me glad I drink mostly rice milk.


Scott said...

I agree with you I like what they have done. The cards in the supermarket look good and the similarity in font to Charlie's Juice is probably slowing the staff noticing and removing them.

As for the two sites I think it is very clearly on purpose and shows how they are trying to undermine Fonterra.

The first page is within Greenpeace's main site where you will find all of their official activities around the world, and all of the information on this campaign.

The second is designed and made to look like the actually Fonterra site (www.fonterra.com) and then all links off it go back to the original Greenpeace site (with the exception of the "Contract Fonterra" link which nicely does really link to Fonterra's site). Off this fake Fonterra sire you also find a link to their fake Fonterra facebook site, and on this you find a youtube clip of how this fake site has already been used to make Fonterra look foolish in the media.

I'm impressed with what these people working in silos have managed to achieve for the minimal cost of one extra html page, a url and a free facebook account.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought:

Wouldn't using different URLs help them track which creative is getting the better results?

iChild said...

Thanks for your comments Scott.

Anon: Yes, but you could use different URLs and not 2 different sites... just point both URLs to the same place. Google Analytics would be able to filter the difference.