Thursday, March 12, 2009

2nd Digital Media Summit

Wow, my poor little brain is over flowing with information, to do lists, things to find out more about and, for good measure, more information.

Have been very impressed with the digital media summit and how it was run. I thought that Lee Hopkins was a fantastic chair and did an amazing job of introducing, presenting, asking the presenters probing questions and keeping the general feeling of the entire 2 days upbeat and interesting.

Highlights were most certainly Darren Wood, Lee Hopkins, the Gen C panel – especially Aisha and Ben (although I would have liked to have heard Simon speak) – Jane Hornibrook, Helen Baxter and Thomas Scovell.

I think one of the things that impressed me the most about all of these people was the passion in which they talked about their subject. What I think we all take for granted in the digital industry is that most of us are here because we are doing something that we love. It takes a lot of commitment and enthusiasm to a part of this industry, it is not (really) an industry that many people fall into. We typically all want to be here. This does seem to mean that most of the people I come across love what they are doing.

I’m not going to blog point for point about the summit, I twittered a bit and I am going to have to put a full presentation together for the agency, but I thought I would use this to point out some of the more amusing/interesting moments from my perspective.

  • Was a little upset that some of the original line-up were not there – but in saying that, still really enjoyed it all
  • Thought it was a shame that the EMI guy didn’t seem to give a shit or want to be there. I would imagine he would have a lot of interesting things to say, but he just didn’t seem to care
  • Thought it was funny that after a few people had pulled out their iPhones and talked so lovingly about them John Eyers from Telecom pulled out his smartphone, poor Telecom, not having iPhones must be difficult
  • Was a little disappointed in the audience at times, many of the speakers disappeared before having the chance to talk to them outside of the Q&A after their presentation. Also thought the guy in the pink striped shirt on the first day, who slid down his chair and looked like he wanted to go to sleep, was a poor audience member. Can you imagine trying to present to that??
  • A little concerned about people who do not work with traditional media commenting on how mobile services can be used to test how successful advertising on different traditional media can be. Dangerous! And I would recommend getting a lot more information before presenting that sort of thing
  • Really nice to finish it all of with Thomas though, really interesting presentation (actually his last one I saw was too) and interactive to boot! Plus I won some wine, so that always goes down well!
Brain dump. Done. Great couple of days, energised about different ideas, but am in need of some sleep…


Simon said...

Thanks, this is a great summary! I would've liked to have spoken as well, would've been interested to hear what I came up with :)

But overall it was an excellent get-together for people across different parts of the business world.

Thanks for your tweets too! Sorry I didn't get to put a face to the name.

Anonymous said...

From my perspective it was a fantastic conference! Audience participation was unusually high, but perhaps that is reflectant of your comment about the passion of those in this industry -- this is something we get into because of love, not necessarily because of the money (what money? lol)

Thank you for your kind comments about me, and I echo your thoughts about Simon presenting -- it would have been a treat! I already rate him so high that seeing him present would have been almost unbearably delicious.

Finally, to echo Simon's point -- a face to the name; I *think* I know who you are. Weren't we supposed to meet to go running in the park? :-) Or perhaps you were the *other* woman who put her hand up at the end when asked who was from an agency... clues, please!

iChild said...

We were meant to go running in the park Lee - sorry we missed each other, it was a beautiful run around Auckland on Thursday morning.