Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We don't have it that bad

Heard this week about a client getting slammed by Stuff users around the fact that their video advertising didn't have a pause on it. They were getting pissy about that it was chewing up their bandwidth and slowing everything down. Now, don't get me wrong, I kinda agree, but I don't think the New Zealand audience quite gets how good we have it when it comes to advertising.

I went to check out the pics from 'Where The Wild Things Are' today on USAToday at which point I was confronted with this:
This advertising splash covered my whole screen, and actually says at the bottom 'advertisement will end in x seconds' and counts down. So, we might have annoying ads in NZ that you can't stop, but at least they don't stop you from reading/navigating the rest of the site while they play out! Unlike this little charmer.

I know that NZ is an emerging market and that the general public aren't going to understand how good we've got it, but does it really require emailing Stuff? Get over it. Man, people love to complain.

On another note, the images from 'Where The Wild Things Are' look amazing. Check this out:

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Ros said...

And not only can you not close it anywhere, it's got serious (annoying) sound that you can't turn off!!