Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MSN Hacked??

Is no one paying any attention to their website this morning MSN??
This is what you get when you go directly to www.msn.co.nz this morning. Something tells me it is not on purpose, because if it is, then MSN needs to re-think what they'll allow when it comes to advertising takeovers!

Rest of the screen reads:
Aaaare youuuu Hackeeeed !!

by Agd_Scorp - rx5 - Cr@zy_King

JeXToXiC, , 4R!F, KacaK, BLAsteR, Cebrail, AmeN
Zec, TheHacker, ZeberuS, s3f4, Frabiyy, NetRoot, Suskun

PAKbugs Crew Friends :Zombie_KSA, spo0fer, xOOmxOOm
unuttuklarimiz affede..u


Suck huh?

Courtesy of NBR online link gist of the hack is that the 'peace crew' (formally 'terrorist crew') have done similar attacked on NATO and US Military sites. I kinda don't get why you would aim for Microsoft NZ of all sites to hack. In saying that, kinda sounds like MSN NZ doesn't really know what's going on, so that probably gives some indication to security/attention levels perhaps??

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Josh Waihi said...

I found out this was because there DNS got posioned. Which means, the hackers just redirected the domain name msn.co.nz to there website. Funny.