Monday, April 13, 2009

Using the internet for good?

Using the Internet for good rather than evil? Using it for something other than inflicting my opinion to anyone who will read it? Or downloading porn? Is that even possible?

Why yes, yes it is!

There is a great site called which is powered by Google (all hail!) but every time you
search, they donate to charity. So you can search as per usual, but whenever you do, Donoogle donates to the NZ factions of either WWF, Oxfam or Unicef. While the money goes to the NZ arms, they are encouraged to direct the money to international causes so that people worldwide can use the site and know that they are doing good for the world. I know that the guys behind this are really keen to put out a press release announcing how much has been donated thus far, but they cannot get hold of one charity, and so don't want to announce until they have handed over the cheque.

I think it kicks arse (although it doesn't surprise me) that this site has been born through kiwi ingenuity and good intentions. So, tell your friends, make it your homepage, and do good while you search.

Wait, I don't download porn.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you do! :D