Friday, April 24, 2009

Too time poor

It amazes me how I rely on things because I deem myself to be time poor. I rely on my bicycle to get me to work quickly (but wouldn't you if your bike looked like this? - thanks for the pic) and also home from a night out - so much cheaper than a taxi. When I don't have it (whether have gone to town with lots of other bicycle-less people or it is raining and not the best cycling weather) I get a little distressed. It takes so much longer!

This concern of being time poor has crept into my everyday life too. I spend very little time on actual websites these days. The sites I used to spend a lot of time on, and would visit frequently throughout the day, no longer get my eyeballs, everything that really matters to me I RSS. The amount of time in my day it saves is awesome. I am even at the point (as per below) that I will read something and react immediately, seemingly too time poor to even read these feeds properly.

Totally suckered by Graham Reid's post yester, blame the lack of sleep all I want, not my finest hour. Have I got to the point that because I deem something readable enough to RSS it therefore must be true? Note to self: Not everything you read on the internet is true.

Thank goodness it is Friday.


Sisyphus said...

You could look at it that you are not so much 'time poor' but increasingly 'activity rich' :P
Also, admitting being suckered absolves much in a world when too many people aren't prepared to admit being wrong, ever.

iChild said...

I have a lot of practice at being wrong, so admitting it is second nature.

Makes it all the sweeter when I'm right.