Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trade Me loves Mothers

Nice to see that at least one publisher loves their mum. Trade Me seems to be the only publisher (yeah - I didn't look very hard) who have done a bit of an 'ode to mothers day' with their logo.Or, at least I'm guessing that is why the kiwi is pink??

In other news, there is 4 hours left until our film has to be in for the 48hour furious film-making competition. Our editor and I finished partying at 5.30 this morning, so today hasn't been a huge amount of fun.
It is certainly easier to produce something when you know the subject from the get go, have weeks of planning, and a budget of a few hundred $k. I kinda miss being on Suit side... sometimes.
If we get it in on time and manage to do ok in the heats, keep an eye out for us. Team B Cool with "Cold Calling".

Updated: Google loves mum too. Of course Google loves mum. How could I have missed that. Damn 3 hours sleep!

Updated again: 48 Hours FAIL! Sucks. We finished editing at 5-5.30ish, but for some reason couldn't print to tape, so had to transfer movie to another laptop to burn to DVD. DVD wouldn't eject. Handed it in at 7.02pm. So tired. So unfair. At least we didn't kill each other.

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