Friday, June 19, 2009

(Kinda) New Favourite Site of the Week 190609

Total cop-out. I'm talking effort FAIL. On my behalf. Pointing to another blog.

Ok, so Gillette have put together quite an amusing area within their site basically about man-scaping HOWEVER the site is SO freaking SLOW to load! I'm sure if I had a whole lotta time I could wait for it to load but to be fair, the site is actually also a little hard to navigate as well. Instead, I suggest you head to 'if it's hip it's here' which is a great blog anyway and check out their coverage of videos that have been made which (unless you have some serious requirement of seeing a half naked guy walking around in a towel -
ladies here is the link) are, I'm sure, the best part of the whole thing. They are very nicely put together, informative - I'm assuming - and quite funny. Nice.

Yes, I know, average. Sorry - will try harder next time I promise. In light of my average hunting effort - here is someone who puts some serious effort in and has some of the funniest shite the internet has to offer in one place. Check out PeteinAuck or follow him on twitter for constant updates. So funny.

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