Friday, June 5, 2009

No new favourite site... again

My head hurts. IAB drinks were great last night (thanks Metservice!) I won a ski pass, that's gotta kick arse. I promise not to whine and say that they're rigged ever again, as they obviously are not. Dinner at Dukes was also pretty damn delicious. Thanks MG?

At any rate, short week + super busy + sore head = no favourite site of the week. Not going to happen.

Going to take the easy option and say: go check out - it's Google but with donations to charity, which you don't have to pay. Awesome. You can read more about Donoogle here or you can read about the diamond ring treasure hunt here.

Or check out Chach in Charge - he is the music editor for NO Magazine which I love - and see photos of Matt hanging out with the Kills for their latest cover. I am very jealous, Jamie Hince is pretty freaking amazing. Matt also plays in 1995 who were #1 on the 95bFM top 10 on Wednesday, also very choice.

Hoping to have a follow up next week with coverage, follow numbers and how it all went down.

That was more than anticipated. Brain must be almost working.


Anonymous said...

I'll take the ski pass from you if your sore head continues into the ski season.

MG said...

My pleasure and sorry you endured a backlash to the evening. The food *was* spectacular though, wasn't it. They rock.

iChild said...

To be honest, not the kind of backlash that I mind too much. Worse backlash has been since. The boys at Duke's haven't stopped giving me shit about it. All things considered, I was relatively well behaved.