Friday, June 12, 2009

New Favourite Site of the Week 120609

I think that every once in a while it is a good idea to step back, take stock and realise that what seems like the end of the world to me, might be much more ideal than situations some people around the world deal with. We are incredibly lucky in New Zealand - we have an amazing, peaceful, country which has relatively low poverty.

So, when a friend of mine @tristamsparks made me aware of this site, I decided that it was most worthy of my new favourite site of the week. Gotta love a good cause right? Gotta love one that has a beautifully built site even more!

This is an Amnesty International initiative and the idea is that Human Rights = Less Poverty. With the current global economic crisis, more and more people are driven to poverty placing them at increased risk of human rights violations. Demand Dignity asks "What does living with dignity mean to you?" Perhaps this is something we should all ask ourselves and remember how good we really have it.

Just some quotes from this site include:
  • means making an impact of instilling value of life
  • no eviction
  • intelligence
  • basic needs: food, cloth, shelter
  • achieving what you've worked for all along and also gives you a sense of pride
Dignity means something different for everyone. I wonder what dignity means to you?

EDIT: For you lovely people who are not in advertising that read my blog - or if you have a sense of humour - this site has given me many many laughs this week. Absolute classic - as good as -

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