Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giving Girls a Bad Name

I know that the Fruju Whipped ad is supposed to be aimed at women, but all it does is frustrate me. Like females need any more of a bad rep.

Here are the 2 ads doing the rounds at the moment:

Now, following the weekend of AC/DC, where some psycho girl that was sitting near me bit her boyfriend so hard on the cheek it drew blood (I have no idea why) I find ads which make women out to be crazy chicks who control their partners seriously unappealing.

There are stereotypes and then there is just plain unfair. Girls aren't this bad right? Right? I mean, I watch girls drag their boyfriends around town, shopping with them and wonder what they were thinking. The guys are obviously bored out of their brains, but on the whole that must be as bad as it gets. But not all girls are like this. Not all girls force their boys to watch The Notebook.

Anyway, Fruju - its actually quite a nice ice cream, you're doing yourself not so many favours by making us girls out to be arseholes.


Anonymous said...

True. Monica, also check out these ones from the Super Bowl: http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/07/super-bowl-ad-watch-a-look-at-the-other-side-of-tonights-game/?scp=4&sq=super%20bowl%20advertising&st=cse

Especially the one about men driving the car they want to, and wearing the pants.

iChild said...

Thanks for the link, I had checked out the superbowl ads. That Dodge ad was interesting, but at the same time, Megan Fox was naked in a bath, so I felt as though that was something of a balance overall.

But, thinking about the Dodge ad, my question really is, are we that bad?

Is this emasculation of the male something that can be blamed solely on the Spice Girls and 'Girl Power'?

Why is it that now that females are finally getting their chance to be 'equal' they are trying to push their partners to be the submissive?

And why is it such an accepted idea within our society that advertisers are using it to sell product?

Anonymous said...

From a males perspective I found the ads quite humorous. Whilst I don't know any guys that let themselves be whipped to that extent it is not uncommon for guys to be 'under the thumb' to a certain degree by their partner.

I wanna try this new Fruju treat but I'll have to get my partner to buy it as it might do harm to my 'man card'

Tash said...

No, women aren't "that bad." I'm sure there are women who try to subjugate their partners, but if the men are unable to assert themselves or leave for a relationship based on mutual respect, who is to blame for their suffering?

These ads are sexist twofold. Men are emasculated adolescents who whine about putting their "underwear in the basket" and women are manipulating harpies who control mens every action.