Friday, February 5, 2010

TFLN Making Coin from Twitter

Here's an interesting new twist on the monetisation of Twitter.

Why wait for Twitter to work out what it's going to do when you have 174,046 followers?

Sell your tweets! Why not? This is awesome.
Which clicks through to:
The multitude of reasons I love this:
  1. I know that there have been random sponsored links before, but this is the first one where I have seen an account be so up front about it
  2. TOTALLY looks like an endorsement - great for Zombieland
  3. TFLN hopefully got paid a pretty penny for this to look like an endorsement
  4. So incredibly relevant. I mean, I'm pretty sure that the TFLN crew are smart/savvy enough to know that they will lose credibility if they did a sponsored link for something shite, but this one is pretty bang on the money for their audience
  5. If @travilian can be responsible for the increase in consumption of Sir Breadwins cheese toasties with like 1,500 followers, what are 174,000 followers going to accomplish?
  6. Its an awesome add-on to their online advertising offer - which if you are a regular visitor to the site you will know that they advertise a lot of American Apparel, however this week:
Hot damn that all ties together quite beautifully.

Now - I don't have an iPhone, so I have not downloaded their app (I have put in a request for them to develop a Google app though) but I wonder if they are pushing Zombieland on the mobile app as well? Full integration.

Reason 7 this is awesome - Zombies are awesome.

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