Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wonky ad = visually horrible

Email came through today from StopPress. I really like StopPress, they have some good info, the email only comes out once a week, its all good. Until something visual ruins it like it did today.

Oh no!

Take a look. Does something not seem right about about the banner above the masthead? Because of how the Splore ad has been designed it completely screws with the visual effect. That nasty diagonal line makes it look like the banner drops to the right. I got out a ruler, it is a straight as a... ruler, but visually it is just so messy. In turn, it makes the masthead look messy and ruins the whole visual appeal of the email shot.
This might not be a big deal to everyone, as I know that I am very aware of aesthetics, but it really ruined the whole email for me.

The other part that gets me on this is that Splore will be AMAZING (kinda gutted I'm not going) so it is disappointing that whoever has been designing for them wasn't aware of how their design would translate.

Watch those angles kids - give me something that looks beautiful (or at least functional) and I will click on it.

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