Monday, February 22, 2010

Making Money on YouTube

Nice work CBS, you must be raking in a pretty penny with your You Tube advertising!

So (yes - this is the point where I have to admit my awful viewing habits, I swear I don't like Survivor really) I was checking out the promo for Survivor Heroes vs. Villains but first up, check it out, I have to watch an ad for Sears:

It even has the "Advertisement: Your video will commence in 9 seconds" at the very very bottom.

If you look at the kind of stats that they're pulling in for the youtube channel too, they must be doing well:

CBS Profile
Channel Views: 8,368,933
Total Upload Videos: 596,793,625
Subscribers: 175,079

This is cleaver. I like it a lot. I do wonder how they charge for the advertising though. If the videos are loaded with the commercial, or if there is some way to serve the commercials. Very smart.

Back on the 14th of Feb this year, You Tube turned 5! Can you believe it? Only 5. A few articles have talked about how, while it was sold to Google in '06 for $1.65 billion, there hasn't been much money made from the site.

Yet I am sure that YouTube have been making some really smart advertising dollars. They must be making some money with the iTunes/eMusic purchase options. Right?
Of course now I can't find where I read that You Tube wasn't making as much coin as you would think. Maybe I imagined it. Has to be doing well.

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