Sunday, June 27, 2010

Billboard Practice

I've talked about how much I like billboards before. I think they're great. Visually they are very high impact, they get a lot of notice.

Being new to Auckland I'm not so boned up on Auckland politics. I know John Banks and thats about it, so when the billboard I walk past every day on Pitt St had a skin for Len Brown I found it quite interesting.

Advertising and Politics - good times.

The problem with billboards is that they are easy targets. Case in point - when I walked past Len Brown's billboard today.

So this, unfortunately does not work in Mr. Browns favour. He is now paying to tell all passing pedestrians and commuters is that he has people out there who are so opposed to his running for Mayor that they would go to this kind of effort to deface his billboard.

Now, could just be random vandalism, but nonetheless, still tells a tale.

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Anonymous said...

I also think there is something seriously George W about the image used, that alone has bothered me about the Brown campaign - not sure if there was an official bush poster like it or if i saw it in an editorial but it does not sit easy.