Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad Billboard

So, following on from my post about the Mini Billboard which was pretty huge & cool, this is what I would call a horrible piece of billboard creative.

This is just down the road from where I work on Shortland Street.
The biggest issue I have with this is the ridiculous amounts of copy. What the frick? Standing across the road I couldn't read it properly, how is someone driving past meant to take a message out of it?

So often people make the mistake of translating a magazine ad onto a billboard or adshel - but it just doesn't work. Outdoor shouldn't be copy heavy.

Also, if for whatever ridiculous reason you're going to put this much copy on a billboard, use black text on a white background. So much easier to read.

If anyone has the patience to stand there and read this billboard - can you tell me what the message they are trying convey is? I get that it's for Racket bar - but that's it.


Kevin K. said...

Just a thought, but perhaps your post has unwittingly proved the point of this billboard.

iChild said...

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry - but what is the point of the billboard? Do you get it?
Is it to get people to talk about it? Perhaps, however I have never met a creative who has specifically set out to create something that people will talk about because it is bad.
Specifically create something that will cause controversy, absolutely, but setting out to be bad - not so much.
I have never been to Racket Bar - having only recently moved to Auckland - and to be honest, this billboard has simply given me a reason to never bother.

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez... the idea behind this billboard is that Racket Bar is not for everyone as it sits outside of what most consider to be usual or best practice.

To be fair, that's probably why you haven't been to Racket Bar.

If you can't work that out you probably shouldn't be blogging about advertising. Just saying.

iChild said...

Thanks for your comment 'anonymous'. I do so love people that tell me I shouldn't be doing something and yet hide behind 'anon'.

I'm afraid you've still lost me. It is a nasty piece of copywriting & too much information on one 12x3 billboard that I cannot be bothered taking the time to read.

I haven't been to Racket Bar because I am new to Auckland and no one I know has told me that it is a 'must visit' venue.

I'm afraid that I will continue to blog about advertising and here's the kicker - thanks to free will, you don't have to read what I write.

Will take you more seriously when you own your opinion. Just saying.