Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Arrivals

Shock horror. Totally irrelevant (well, maybe) but I do believe it is possible there may be a reason to venture back towards Courtenay Place on a night out.

Last Friday a friend and I decided to venture to The Library. What used to be Chow Cabaret has been transformed into a beautiful little cocktail bar. Delicious cocktails (still dreaming about the bitter chocolate martini), fabulous staff, and brilliant atmosphere. Dare I say it, it is what Motel once was, but they're so nice I doubt they wouldn't turn away Liv Tyler!

And then today, I have been invited to the opening of Bettys. Now, not sure where they found my name, but it is just delightful that they extended an invitation. I already have a function the night of the opening, so will not be attending, although I am intrigued. They are calling themselves "Function House & Bar + Private Kitchen Table + Digital Artspace + Members Club".
This is where I pretend that the fact they called it a 'digital artspace' it can be tied in with the rest of this blog.

So, based behind Hummingbird - what I think used to be Paradiso - Bettys will be open to the public, I am guessing as of Friday the 4th of September (what a brilliant day - my birthday!). I will most certainly be braving the Courtenay Place masses to check this place out as soon as possible.

My curiosity has been piqued and am hopeful that between The Library and Bettys I will once again have a valid reason to leave behind the security blanket of Cuba Mall and meet some more new people!

UPDATE: C/- Betty's Press Release uploaded by the fantastic Scoop.co.nz, here is an image of the inside of Bettys. I'm liking the look...

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