Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New TVCs

Gosh, I have been terribly slack. Take 1 day off and pay for it for the next 3!

Not to worry, at least I am not going to be hitting up online advertising today. Today, I am talking TVCs.

So, Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week as I get to channel surf to find ad breaks. Yes, I am well aware that this is both sad and pathetic and makes me a complete geek, but I'm comfortable with that.

So, the commercial that caught my eye this Sunday just been, that would have to be the Max commercial. Now, I am 100% their target audience and I do buy a good deal of my work clothes from Max, so I would have hoped that the ad would grab me. It did not. In fact, the reason that it had me so transfixed was because I could not for the life of me work out what it was advertising. Seriously, click on that link above. You barely even see the clothes. Isn't that what they are trying to sell?

What Max do very well is their email shots, perfect for me:
Show me the clothes, make me want them. I do realise that due to the turnover in stock that Max has, the clothes that they show in the TVC are possibly not going to be available in another few months time, but even so, its an ad about clothes. Show the clothes! Sell the product. I would imagine that the purpose of the TVC is to get women into the store, they're not going to go in just because of a logo, they may if they see something they like in said ad however.

As a complete aside - I think the ad is super creepy.


Anonymous said...

have you noticed that the audio is out of sync with the pictures.

iChild said...

you don't think that was on purpose?

Sorry, sarcasm bad.

To be honest I try not to focus on the ad, it upsets me as it should be better, but now you mention it, yes.