Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hold the phone!

Uncool and unimpressed right here.

So, in my last post I commented on the World Vision thing on the Stuff website, and today
Anonymous said...

I enjoy getting slammed. Keep it coming.

Wait ONE MOMENT. That's not cool. I am not slamming anyone person in particular, simply pointing that I don't think that the creative is effective. My response to this person is in the comments. That is not my point, that is not what has pissed me off.

What do we have here. Yesterday's screen shot:

And now a screen shot from today:

Even BEFORE you blow these up it is blatant that they have in fact done what I suggested and bolded the white type.

This is not cool. Don't pull me up on 'slamming' your creative, thank me. You have obviously taken on board my suggestion (still think it should be a textlink - but I'm guessing you're not going to go that far to prove that I am right) so why not be man (or woman) enough to thank me for pointing out how hard this was to read and that you have acted on it.

I hope you get more clicks today.

What a geek. Right. Someone has, quite rightly, pointed out that I am the one who first commented on slamming. Sorry about that kids. Apologies to whoever looks after World Vision. See - I admit it when I am wrong. Over-reacting, yet again.
However - they have made it bolder, that I have not gotten wrong. Again, this time writing it without sarcasm in my internal monologue, I hope you get more clicks!

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