Monday, November 16, 2009

I can't read it - Fail.

What. What is that black chunk at the top of Stuff today? What is that? Honestly - what I think it is, is ugly.
Granted the black did get my attention but for all of the wrong reasons. Click on the image and enlarge it, or see the image below, seriously blown up:

  1. The black is WAY too heavy for this sort of placement, especially since Stuff is so nice and clean and white these days.
  2. The 2 logos are tiny. How are you meant to make out either of those? I think the one of the left says 'Lend a Hand' but can't be sure, it might just say 'Lend Hand' which doesn't really make much sense does it? Only reason I know the other is because, luckily, World Vision is a relatively recognisable brand.
  3. Finally, what is with using the skinniest font that ever lived? At least make it bold, then someone might be able to read it.
Shocker. Why build creative which does not work in that space when an underlined textlink in the same font and colour as the links to Trade Me/Old Friend etc. could have worked quite well (I think). Actually, I don't recall any other World Vision online display creative - do they often use black.

Sorry folks - Someone commented last week that I hadn't posted in 2 weeks, now you're getting slammed. Hope you enjoy anyway.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy getting slammed. Keep it coming.

iChild said...

I dare point out that I am not 'slamming' any person in particular - simply online creative which I feel could have been executed better.

May I ask a question of you 'Anonymous'? Do you this creative is easy to read? Or doing the actual brand any justice?

Just wondering. If there is a good reason for this creative to look as it does, I would be interested to know why.

Anonymous said...

"now you're getting slammed."

I think they are replying to this

iChild said...

That's awesome. I love not remembering what I have written.

I take it back then. Angry post will be updated.

Drew said...

At least your post provoked them to change it as no doubt others were thinking the same thing.

On another, more minor/geeky note, if you are viewing the site with images disabled the alt tag is simply "Click here!" - not very descriptive.

iChild said...

Wait - my blog or Stuff.

Let's be honest, I'm a little too lazy to do alt tags, even though I know I should...

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify something - I enjoy getting slammed with your posts. It's not my creative but fully support your comments regarding its poor visual impact.

Good to see that they have improved the piece (somewhat).

iChild said...

Yes, apologies on that one. Classic me, react first - re-read second. Something that I am working on. Honest. I did retract the comment in the next post.

In actual fact, thank you kindly for your comments. I am glad you enjoy getting 'slammed' with my random posts.

Anonymous said...

And thank you for giving me a brief distract from my work.