Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who is AdLand Suit?

So, who is the man without the head?

Have you heard me talk about
AdLand Suit before? I wrote a post about ALS in August after he sent me a postcard from Edinburgh (and a number of other people got them also).

I like the idea of Mr
AdLand Suit, I like the fact he is anonymous and he writes a pretty amazing blog. In fact, if I were still a suit I do believe it would my bible, apart from the X-Factor live tweeting. Would live my life by that necessarily, but otherwise he has incredibly sound advice.

So, I gotta admit, part of the intrigue is the fact that he is faceless. We (those of us who live and breathe twitter particularly) spend a lot of our time talking to faceless people online everyday. Sometimes there are 'avatars' but can you ever be sure that the person looks like that in real life? I take all avatars with a grain of salt, lets be fair.
ALS on the other hand has never put a face to the name, it is literally a conversation with a faceless person.

Back to the point, he has decided it is time to take off the mask. Dun dun

Not only is he going to answer the question many of us have asked for quite some time, he is using his anonymity, and the curious/generous nature of his followers to do good.

He is
taking donations for Marie Curie Cancer Care and once donations reach £1000 he is going to reveal who he is. He is already over £3000, after less than a week. Needless to say, those who follow ALS are chomping at the bit to find out who this man really is. You can read all about it here.

Apparently all will be revealed this week, after he has checked with the place of his employ. I'm looking forward to it, and not at the same time. I kinda liked the mystery. I guess too, I wonder, if being anonymous since March in his postings, is this going to change the blog? If people know who he is, will he sensor himself? That would be a shame. Also, I'm not in London, so I can't hit him up for a beer. I wonder if I donated the most he would fly me over and take me out for lunch... Probably not.

While I have not donated (come on, donating £ on an NZ salary? With the current exchange rate?) I do have a request for ALS, don't go changing. You have such a strong following for a reason.

And the countdown to unmasking commences...


AdLand Suit said...

I won't be changing. Promise. I've always been me - only difference going forward is that you'll know my real name. Which isn't really that exciting...

iChild said...

Good to hear Dan.

The big reveal. Hope it went well and the donations continue to roll in.