Monday, November 16, 2009

More chocolate - give me more

I got chocolate sent to me this week. Sweet, sweet chocolate.Om nom nom nom.

Ages back I wrote a few blogs about Cadbury. Some of it was about it's advertising and what seems to be some confusion around what direction they are going in creatively, but the other part was about the Palm Oil in the chocolate and the spin they tried to put on it.

I have highlighted that once they made the turn on the palm oil situation they started handling things a little better and it would seem that they are now trying to turn the situation around completely.

With my 5 blocks (may have been overkill) of Cadbury "palm oil free" chocolate, I
also got a letter:
A week or so ago I got an email from Cadbury asking for my postal address, initially I was worried they were sending around the heavies, then I decided that that was unlikely, why give me warning?

So what's my point? Do I have one? Probably not.

Cadbury obviously took the time to trawl through Twitter and the blogsphere to identify people who had spoken out about the palm oil situation and were particularly vocal about it. By contacting them, telling them that Cadbury would like them to enjoy the non palm oil chocolate before anyone else, while might not work for all, it is a good way to make the vocal kids feel special and hopefully get them to turn the corner and become advocates.

It seems to have worked, for the most part, thus far.

Enough people had tweeted about the new chocolate turning up that it had others in the twittersphere asking how they could get their hands on some.

I guess what I found lacking from the letter was a) a date - I can't stand it when correspondence does not have a date on it. It makes me question how long they have been sitting on it (I know in this case it doesn't matter so much, but it still erks me, it is standard practice) b) while they say that they are telling the rest of the country from Sunday, I haven't seen anything and it doesn't actually say when the chocolate will be rolling out in stores. I guess that it is a hard selling point for them as stores will have stock of the old chocolate, however it would have been an idea to give people an idea of when the chocolate is going to be back in the system.

At any rate Cadbury, well done and thanks for the chocolate. It may have taken a little time, but I am impressed that you're willing to admit your mistakes and rectify them, I can name at least 1 big arrogant NZ organisation who have made some bad decisions recently and won't admit it.

Cadbury chocolate - palm oil free - coming to a store near you, soon.

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