Friday, December 4, 2009

Floor Decals

I am venturing into my first foray of floor decals this month. It's quite exciting.

You know how once you have bought something (esp. when it comes to new cars) you suddenly see them everywhere? Well, that's now happening to me with floor decals. Ok, maybe not everywhere, but they were in Wanganui Countdown... Who would have thought??

At any rate, when it comes to FMCG products, floor decals in a supermarket = perfect!

Hmm, booze... What kind of booze do I feel like today? Coupled with a special - this would be super smart.Same with beauty products, to be honest, it took me a minute to find the related product, but it made me look for it.
And Loreal, wanna talk to woman about wrinkles, spell it out in big letters on the floor! Great times.
Floor decals. Big thumbs up from me!


Anonymous said...

What drew you to the wonderful metropolis of Wanganui?

iChild said...

Wanganui is where I spent my high school years. I was visiting the parental unit. Nothing like a visit to T Square!

Anonymous said...

I'm another product of Wanganui.

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Anonymous said...
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