Monday, December 14, 2009

twt4turkey - take 2

Look at what came in the mail.
So, I am happy that the vouchers finally came. That is awesome and I totally appreciate it. Thanks Super Liquor, $100 worth of booze is very generous of you and I am very happy that for some reason of another you decided to choose me to give me vouchers. That is ace.

At this point, I am also going to apologise. Sorry. While I would like nothing more than to be 100% positive right now, just not quite in my nature to not say what I think.

I personally think Super Liquor do have a couple of learnings they could take from this, but I'm not sure they have.

I understand the need to defend oneself when you have received some criticism, not sure that this is the way I would have gone, in such an immediate broadcast fashion.I get it, I was not polite, positive or particularly cheery about all of this, when I should be extremely grateful (I am - $100 of free booze - woo hoo) but I find it absolutely amazing that people are not learning from others mistakes.

If there were only 2 things that everyone should have taken away from the Cadbury debacle was that

  1. If people are having a conversation about you in an open forum, it is better for you to be a part of the conversation.
  2. If it seems like you've f*ed up. Apologise. We'll get over it.
Its been interesting watching the responses come through today. Lots of support in what a wrote, a number of people who are as frustrated about the situation as I was and a couple of people who disagree. I guess that's the nice thing about an open conversation, we're all entitled to have our own opinion.

I will absolutely put my hands up and admit that I have my back up now and am on the defense. I believe that what I wrote is fair and that I have some valid points in there. Comments such as the above make me feel like I am an arsehole, and surely that is not the desired outcome?

Hopefully it will make Super Liquor happy to know that I intend on using the vouchers to bring some Christmas cheer to other people, and not myself.

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