Thursday, December 3, 2009

World Vision take 2

So, last week maybe I blogged about the World Vision ad at the top of Stuff and complained that I couldn't read it and that it was ugly. This was all true.

What I didn't notice was the integration that World Vision has worked into the Stuff site. Well done that person. It is really nicely done and not at all in your face. Good times.

So, below is a shot of the homepage, note the black thing in the top right corner, below that, in the space where Stuff promote blogs or places pull quotes, they have a promo for do-gooder Nathan King - talking about World Vision. Click on through and they have their own space under 'World' with a spanky wallpaper to match.
It's been very nicely executed (this integration part of the offering, not the black rectangle in the top right) and is not an in your face promotion. You will only click on it if it interests you.

Shows what you can find when you click on through. One day I will take my own advice.

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