Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day with Whitcoulls

I flicked out the photo below yesterday on Twitter having walked past some of the staff at Whitcoulls on Queen Street post-it noting a precious [love] MUM across their windows.

Freaking awesome but - I have to admit - being the cynic that I am, I did question how long the post its would stay up for (vandals and all).
So when I walked past at lunch today, this is what I found, a perfect, untouched wall with HEAPS of people hanging out. Why were they hanging out? Actually they were writing on the wall...
Under the supervision of Whitcoulls staff, with a basket of pens, pedestrians were encouraged to write a note to their mother for Mother's Day.
I of course had to write a note to my mother - for those of you who have never met her, you're going to have to take my word for the fact that she is one kick arse lady - so that is what I did:
By the time I walked past on my way home from work, people were climbing up the window to write their own notes, as all post-its within easy reach were covered, but that didn't stop people trying and checking it all out:
My little note which was all alone a lunchtime today is now surrounded with messages of love, to mothers all around the world.
I'm not a huge fan of Mother's (or Father's) Day as I think that our parents should be told everyday how amazing they are, but what I love about this wall and what Whitcoulls has managed to do, is that they have given the general public the opportunity to visually represented how important our mothers are.

They have been videoing this process, so I would imagine they will be leveraging this amazing little stunt with some PR somewhere along the way. Just a matter of time, keep an eye out.

Have you sent your mother a card I wonder?


feijoa said...

Actually this promotion was created by 3M and Post-it and done in association with Whitcoulls. A social experiment in reality as we had no idea how people would react. The response was amazing and even before the installation was complete, we had people begging to write on the wall. Even the most jaded cynic would be moved by some of the messages displayed on the wall. So glad you liked it...to see how we are using the video, have a look at our website

Jacqui Wales said...

This would work a treat in London if the post-it's were put up in Flat White / NZ House (etc.) and shipped back home in time for mothers day.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you used the correct spelling for Wanganui.