Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smart Promotion

I'm a sucker for a smart promotion - so thought I would share this little gem from the ladies at NZGirl and Saben.

Until the 31st of May you can enter the NZ Girl comp to win one of these beautiful Saben bags (Polly) when you create a Polyvore spread using one of these bags.

I know what you're thinking - what in the world is Polyvore? Well, that is what I thought too when I first heard about it, but, on the comps page of NZ Girl they explain it nicely.

A quick overview though, Polyvore is a site which allows you to pick and clip some of the most amazing clothes/jewellery/makeup/accessories and combine them with backgrounds and type to basically create your own mood board. Long story short - it is a girls dream.

Back to the competition/promotion - clip one of the Saben bags and create your own spread, let NZ Girl know where to find your spread (& post it on their Facebook page) and you're in the draw.

Reasons I like this:
  • creativity always wins with me
  • great way to promote a new product (the bag) directly to the audience who will want and purchase it (the NZ Girl audience)
  • they are making the entrants really work for the prize, something so pretty shouldn't be easily obtained.
This is my entry to the competition:
This daydream includes:

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