Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twitter for Beginners - Part Four

We're so close. Next topic, easy search columns in Tweetdeck. There is a + at the top of Tweetdeck, click that and you can add a 'lists' column (we covered lists in part two), or connect with your Facebook/Myspace/LinkedIn account, or you can search for a keyword(s). Here I have searched for RWC (as Rugby World Cup is one of those things that has rubbed me up the wrong way lately):

Which then creates a new column with ALL tweets which have RWC in them. As you can see below, there is mention to ANZ being a major sponsor and comment on the Jeremy Wells ad; using the search term you can monitor what is being said out in the Twittershere - this is particularly handy if you are running Twitter on behalf of a company - and you can find out who is talking about your brand/whatever it is you are looking for, outside of just the people you are following.If however you are looking after an international brand within NZ, use Twitter Search 'advanced search' on the Internet to do a localised search. It isn't fool proof, but will capture the bulk of NZ Tweets. Just centre your search around an NZ town. For example, what if you were McDonalds?This way you can see what people who (when they signed up to Twitter) classify themselves as being in NZ are saying about McDonalds:

Nothing is 100%, but it's better than nothing.

OK - so finally, why does anyone want to know what you had for lunch? Twitter is all about sharing. Sharing thoughts, information, recommendations and (frequently) complaints. If you've had an amazing lunch, Twitter is an easy place to recommend a cafe or restaurant. Similarly, if you have experienced bad service or food it is an easy warning/venting system - and if the restaurant/cafe is paying attention, then they can address the issue, or thank a twitterer for their compliments.

Twitter is all about listening, sharing, networking and communicating with other people - and the brilliant thing, is that it gives you access to a world of people you may never have had the opportunity to converse with previously.

If there is anything I haven't covered that you want to know about, or something that needs further clarification, please don't hesitate to comment or flick me an email. I can't promise that I will be able to answer your question, but I might be able to find someone who does on Twitter.

Now, go forth and Tweet.

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